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4.4.1 General Procedure
A marked set of construction drawings and the original drawings will be provided to the
A-E by the PL. The A-E shall correct the original drawings to show the As-Built conditions
as indicated on the marked construction drawings. The A-E shall also incorporate onto the
original drawings the written modifications to the construction drawings which were issued
by amendment or contract modification. All clouds shall be removed. The notes in the
revision block shall remain. All questions regarding interpretation of the changes shown on
the marked construction drawings shall be referred to the ROICC. At the request of the
ROICC the A-E may be required to use FCDC days to verify the As-Built conditions. The
A-E shall forward the corrected record drawings and the set of marked construction
drawings to the PL within thirty (30) calendar days following receipt of the marked
construction drawings and original drawings.
4.4.2 Computer Graphics Data-Base
For specified projects with computer graphics data-base requirements, (See Attachment
B), the A-E shall correct the data base drawing files to show the As-Built conditions. The
title CN block and the professional stamp of the original signed drawings of the title sheet
and the first sheet of each discipline shall be scanned and inserted into the appropriate
data base files to depict design responsibility of the drawings. The revision block, where a
revision is shown on the original drawing, shall also be scanned and inserted in the
appropriate data-base files. All other As-Built corrections shall be the same as noted
below for the correction of original drawings. The A-E shall forward the three (3) CDs with
corrected data-base files to the PL within thirty (30) calendar days following the receipt of
the marked construction drawings. One CD will be forwarded to the activity, and two CDs
will be forwarded to Construction Plan File, Code 04MG.
4.4.3 Correction of Original Drawings
The manner in which the original drawings are corrected shall be as follows: Deletions or
superseded portions of the original drawings shall be erased. The final record drawings
shall show the actual construction only, except where the original drawing contains portions
marked "N.I.C." (not in contract) or where optional methods of construction are shown. No
change need be made to those portions of the drawings marked "N.I.C.". The optional
methods of construction not used should be crossed out and noted "NOT BUILT". Any
previous revision markings and symbols shall be removed from the body of the original
drawing. The revision notation in the revision block shall remain. Where an original
drawing is modified to show As-Built conditions, the notation "AS-BUILT CONDITIONS
SHOWN" shall be entered in the top most available line in the revision block with A-E's
initial and date in the space provided. Where no change is required on an original drawing
to show As-Built conditions, then the notation "AS-BUILT" shall be entered on the top most
available line in the revision block with A-E's initial in the "Prepared by" block and the date
in the space provided.


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