Quantcast Percent Design

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Cost Estimate on Disk
5.1.4 100 Percent Design - Distribution (a), (b), (c), (d)
Resolution of 45% Review Comments
Environmental Permit Requirements
Designer to ROICC Report
Design Calculations
Interior Finish Board
Exterior Finish Board
Basis of Design - Updated - (Mandatory for all projects)
Submittal Register and Test Report
C & D Waste Diversion Opportunity Assessment
Cost Estimates on Disk
SPECSINTACT generated 100% Contract Specifications on Disk
Geotechnical Review Certification
5.1.5 Final Design Distribution (a), (c), (d)
Resolution of 100% Review Comments
Designer to ROICC Report
Color Rendering
Original Design Calculations - Updated
Submittal Register and Test Report
Cost Estimate on Disk
Original Drawings and Copies
Original Specifications and Copies
Original Cost Estimate and Copies on Disk
SPECSINTACT generated Final Contract Specifications on Disk
a. Provide copies directly to the activity, PWO, PWC, Staff Civil and NCTS.
Transmittal shall be in Exhibit 5-A format as appropriate with a copy to the PL.
b. Provide copies of the 100 percent plans and specifications directly to the
ROICC. Transmittals shall be in Exhibit 5-B format with a copy to the PL.
c. For projects at activities not served by Public Works Center make these
submittals to the activity Public Works Office.
d. For specified projects with computer graphics data base requirements, the A-E
shall submit test 3 inch (90mm) 1.44 MB disks consisting of representation of


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