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various project data during 45 percent and 100 percent stages, and complete
project data base at final stage, see Exhibit 5-C, along with related documentation
as required in Attachment B to the contract.
5.1.6 Transmittals
Where the A-E arranges for submittal shipments by AIR FREIGHT, the A-E shall also
arrange and be responsible for the shipment and the delivery of the submittal. Originals
and master copies shall be hand delivered or forwarded by registered U.S. mail to the PL.
All transmittals shall be addressed to the PL by name and Code.
Reports, engineering calculations, field notebooks and miscellaneous data shall be legible,
neatly bound and indexed and include the A-E's name, the project title, project number,
location and the construction contract number. The design rationale shall be clearly stated.
When unconventional design methods or formulas are employed, reference sources shall
be cited. Calculations shall be on 8 " x 11", (210 mm x 297 mm) paper, punched, bound
and identified with the project title, project number, location, A-E, and construction contract
numbers. The Engineering Calculations shall be bound, sealed and signed by a
professional engineer by discipline. For calculations requirement see Attachment A.
5.2.1 Computer Documentation
When calculations and graphics include the use of computers, and/or computer graphics
systems, the following documentation shall be furnished for review:
a. All pertinent input and output data with critical items clearly identified.
b. Definitions of all input and output terminology.
c. Documentation of the program used including a synopsis of program intent,
engineering methods, assumptions, limitations, and applicable formulae.
d. Description of methods used to verify and check results, including supplemental
long-hand computations.
e. If the computer program was developed or extensively modified by the design
firm, then, in addition to the above, a detailed description of previous usage along
with other information deemed necessary by the PL to ascertain its validity,
effectiveness, and application to the specific project, shall be furnished.
5.2.2 Computer Graphics Documentation


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