Quantcast Metric Measurements

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All submitted data shall be clearly marked, sequenced, cross referenced, and identified
with program title, computer, date, responsible person, contract title, contract number, and
project component analyzed.
5.2.3 Metric Measurements
Metric measurements may use soft metric. However, hard metric can be used when
feasible. If hard metric is not available on certain items, then soft metric can be used.
There is a ten years moratorium on the mandatory use of Concrete Masonry Units (CMU)
and Recessed Lighting Fixtures (RLF) that expires Oct 11, 2006 Hard Metric
The term "hard metric" denotes the conversion of inch-pound units to new, rounded, easy-
to-use metric measurements. Soft Metric
The term "Soft metric" denotes the mathematical conversion of inch-pounds units to metric
measurements with little or no rounding. Metric Requirements
When a project is required to be designed and built using metric units of measurement, the
following shall apply: See latest Engineering Policy Memo.
a. All measurements and units shall be shown in System International (SI) metric
units exclusively. This includes but is not limited to: Linear measurements, area
measurements, volumetric measurements, temperature measurements, climate
requirements, waterflows, pressure requirements, noise requirements, lighting
requirements, structural characteristics, electrical characteristics, plumbing
characteristics, HVAC characteristics, equipment capacities, conveyance system
ratings, and all power and energy units.
b. English system measurements shall not appear in reports, drawings,
specifications, cost estimating, or any other submissions. However any computer
program that requires calculations which is not available in metric will be allowed.
The results of the calculations will be converted into metric.
c. Design must take place using a 600 x 600 mm planning grid. The A-E firm must
strive to use as many "hard metric" products as possible, where competitively
available. Where metric products are not available, soft conversion to metric is
required, (e.g. 2" x 4") will read (2 x 25.4 = 50.8, 50) x (4 x 25.4 = 116.0, 100)
50 mm x 100 mm.


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