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d. The latest edition of Metric Guide for Federal Construction, NAVFAC Metrication
Conversion for Design planning and Design Criteria, and NAVFAC Guide
Specification shall be used as guidance on drawings, specifications and other
elements of metric implementation. Additional guidance can be used that is
published by the American Institute of Architect (AIA), Metrication of Master
Specifications, ASTM E621 and ASTM E380.
e. All cost estimating shall be done in SI metric units only.
f. All terminology in the Specifications shall be in SI metric.
g. All correspondence must contain SI metric units exclusively.
h. All meeting presentations and discussions of measurements or units must be
conducted using SI metric units.
i. Shop drawings, catalog cuts, and other submissions during the construction
phase will be in SI metric units.
j. All Operation and Maintenance Manuals will be in SI metric units.
16" X 20" (400 mm x 500 mm) with samples showing interior and exterior colors, materials
Some project submittals are received in a condition which makes them unacceptable for
review. In these cases, the package will be returned to the A-E for resubmittal along with
an explanation as to why the submittal was not acceptable. The A-E shall provide a
resubmittal schedule in writing to the PL within two (2) working days after receipt of the


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