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d. Describe siting of utilities and where they tie into the existing system. Utilities
should not detract from building appearance.
6.3.2 Program Requirements Design Area Tabulation
Provide a complete area breakdown tabulation for gross and net areas to confirm scope
and statutory criteria compliance. A supplemental drawing keyed to the area take-off shall
accompany the area tabulation. Subsequently revised plans will require area re-tabulation.
The project gross area shall not exceed that stipulated by the DD Form 1391. Building Design
a. Describe the functional requirements of the facility.
b. Describe persons accommodated, staff size, type and number of visitors.
c. Indicate the building type of construction based on the latest UBC.
d. Include a statement as to the consideration and use of definitive, standard
designs and previous designs.
6.3.3 Energy Conservation
a. Describe the proposed energy saving features incorporated in the design and
explain the reasons for selecting these items.
b. Show total annual energy consumption or Design Energy Budget and
compliance with the Design Energy Targets of chapter 8 (Latest Edition) of MIL-
HDBK-1190 and NAVFAC Letter 11100/15C/PNB dated 5 June 1995, Design
Energy Target Reduction, Interim Technical Guidance.. Justification/rationale is
required if the predicted annual energy consumption exceeds the Energy Target by
more than 10%
6.3.4 Weight Handling Equipment
State the need for weight handling equipment and how the equipment is to be designed
and procured. The procurement of weight handling equipment of 20,000 pounds and
under, associated with a building, or other facility (not including nuclear, hot metals, or
special hazard use) is part of the A-E design responsibility. Procurement of weight
handling equipment over ten (10) tons and special purpose (nuclear, hot metals, special
hazard) is the responsibility of Government. For those cases where the Government is the
procurement agency, the A-E shall promptly supply the required operating data and all
pertinent field data for weight handling equipment to the PL. An early submittal of this


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