Quantcast Doors, Windows And Wall Penetrations

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information is required for coordination and timely procurement and installation of the
6.3.5 Construction Permit Information
Identify information regarding permits necessary for construction.
6.3.6 Physical Security
Describe the physical security or hardening requirements that will be used in the design. Physical Security Hardening
Describe the required physical security hardening, of all projects involving Armories, Arms
Rooms, Weapons Storage Facilities, Ready Service Lockers, Terminal Equipment
Buildings, Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities, (SCIFs), etc. These projects
shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the minimum criteria of
MIL-HDBK-1013/1, OPNAVINST 5530.13A and OPNAVINST 5530.14B. Doors, Windows And Wall Penetrations
The number of doors, windows and wall penetrations within these facilities shall be kept to
a minimum. The entrance doors shall be secured with high security locking devices and all
windows, wall openings, etc., shall be hardened to resist intrusion. Plans And Specifications
All plans and specifications, incorporating physical security features, shall be reviewed by
a host activity security officer/provost Marshall or designated representative, during the
design process and various review phases.
a. The A-E shall identify and determine the necessity for all environmental permit
requirements including as a minimum those items identified in Attachment D.
b. The A-E shall provide all technical data required for permit application.
6.4.1 Environmental Assessment/Environmental Impact Statement (EA/EIS)
a. Describe the impact that the new construction will have on the project site
environment and habitat as identified in the EIA/EIS.


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