Quantcast Sanitary Sewer Systems

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h. Statement of tentative sizes, elevations, capacities, or design consideration for
reservoirs, treatment units, pumping plants, well pumps and how they were
i. Indicate design pump speed and provide pump and system curves.
6.5.5 Sanitary Sewer Systems
a. Describe the existing sewer system. Indicate if the existing system to be
connected to is adequate to handle the additional flow and how this was
b. Describe the new sewer system, pumping stations, the sewage flow to be
generated by the project and how it was derived, quantity of sewage, minimum
scour velocity during the peak daily flow, and the sizes and material and type of all
sewer lines.
c. Indicate design depth for underground systems.
d. Indicate pump design speed.
6.5.6 Sewage Treatment System
a. Describe the existing system covering particularly the type, capacity, present
b. Indicate the design capacity and degree of treatment required of the new system
and how they were derived.
c. Indicate how the new system will meet these requirements.
6.5.7 Dust And Erosion Control
Describe the type of treatment selected, affected areas, and reasons for selection of type
and determination of areas.
6.5.8 Fencing
Describe type, height and security measures.
6.5.9 Railroads
a. Describe general soil conditions, soil exploration and testing performed or to be
performed and the results.


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