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b. Describe the type of service for which railroad track will be provided, anticipated
volume and type of traffic, the ruling grade and the maximum curvature.
c. Indicate the proposed type, source and thickness of ballast, weight of rail and
source, treatment and dimensions of ties proposed.
6.5.10 Paving
a. Indicate the type, speed, volume of traffic and design wheel loads.
b. Indicate thickness of all pavements and base courses.
Note: For projects estimated to exceed $100,000 or 20,000 square yards (16723
m .) in area, include the following additional data:
c. Design loadings.
d. Site plan indicating safety clearances.
e. Evaluation of the reuse of the existing paving materials in the new paving system.
f. Analysis and justification of the recommended construction.
6.5.11 Airfield Pavement Systems
Describe the following:
a. The classification and strength characteristics of subgrade soils
b. Wheel loads and number of operations for each type of aircraft
c. Evaluation and cost comparison of alternative pavement sections
d. Vertical and horizontal clearance requirements
e. Design rainfall frequency and method proposed for storm and hangar deluge
system drainage.
f. Type of lighting to be provided and the adequacy of existing runway and taxiway
regulator capacities.


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