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Describe the following:
6.6.1 Irrigation Systems
a. The irrigation system (conventional or drip). Include specific areas such as
slopes, natural areas, lawn, recreational areas, etc.
b. Water conservation methods.
c. Existing irrigation to remain (where applicable).
6.6.2 Plant Materials
a. Transition areas and the relationship to new construction.
b. Theme (i.e., entry, color, plant, etc.).
c. Lawn use and purpose. Give approximate percent of total landscaped area.
d. Water conservation measures.
e. Existing plant materials and site furnishings to be removed and/or reused.
f. General maintenance levels/requirements (such as high, medium, low) for the
various types of landscaped areas.
6.6.3 Other Site Features
a. Signage.
b. Specialty paving.
c. Site furnishings.
d. Landscape lighting.
e. Project site's environmental context and natural resources.
a. Describe the functional space. Every function listed shall identify its required
number of personnel, which will be keyed to their required square footage.


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