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Facility maintenance and operational practices that reduce or eliminate harmful
effects on people and the natural environment
Sustainable design concepts and principles can be applied to any type of facility,
anywhere, under any cost constraints. However, the extent to which specific sustainability
strategies can be applied to a given project will vary, based on a wide array of local
conditions, customer requirements, budget constraints, and other considerations.
6.7.2 Movable Partitions
Provide justification for the use of movable partitions. Indicate how the flexibility of room
size has been considered.
6.7.3 Equipment Rooms
a. Describe in terms of size, access, maintenance, repair and easy removal of
b. Indicate how future expansion, if foreseen or planned will be included in the
c. State what criteria was used to determine the size of the equipment room.
6.7.4 Roof Structure Slope
Indicate the roof slope of the design. Drains, Roof
Describe the type of roof drains used. Indicate their location. Describe how the design will
provide for differential movement between roof drains and leaders. Parapets
Justify the use of parapets, copings, or similar types of raised peripheral walls.
6.7.5 Colors, Materials and Finishes
State the criteria used to determine the interior and exterior colors, materials and finishes.


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