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Seismic rehabilitation of tanks and vessels shall utilize the additional requirements of
section of the "NEHRP Seismic Provisions." Cold Formed Metal Framing: Seismic design using light gage cold formed
metal framing shall comply with section 8.6 "Light-Framed Walls" of the "NEHRP Seismic
Minimum Quality Assurance requirements shall be as defined in the "NEHRP Seismic
Provisions." More stringent requirements may be inserted into the contract documents by
the "structural engineer of record" if it is felt that additional testing and inspection are
a. Structural Inspection and Testing Requirements shall be included in the
individual specification sections. These requirements will become part of
the contractor managed quality control program.
b. specialists must be identified for the various inspection categories (e.g.
concrete, steel, masonry, welding.) in specification section 01450 and
"special inspector certifications" such as ACI, AWS, ICBO shall be
required. Note that the "QC Specialist" as defined in the NAVFAC
specifications is equivalent to a "Special Inspector" as defined in the
Uniform Building Code.
c. Structural Steel Fabricating Shops should be required to possess AISC
certification in the appropriate category. ICBO and City of Los Angeles
certifications will also be accepted.
d. Pre-Engineered Metal Building fabricators must be required to possess AISC
certification in the MB category.
e. Structural Steel Erectors may be required, on major projects, to possess AISC
certification in the appropriate category.
f. Pre-cast concrete producers shall be required to posses PCI (Precast/
Prestressed Concrete Institute) plant certification in the appropriate
g. Epoxy coatings on reinforcing steel shall be produced in plants certified by
CRSI (Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute) for fusion bonded epoxy
h. Plant fabricated metal plate connected wood trusses shall be produced in
Plants by the TPI (Truss Plate Institute) quality assurance inspection program.


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