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b. Examples of elements included in this requirement are member connections,
light gage metal stud/joist framing, support and restraint of ceiling systems,
support and restraint of wall systems, concrete/masonry inserts, equipment
support, anchorage and restraint, support and restraint of pipes and ducts
and support of casework.
Exceptions: Open web steel joists, precast concrete elements and fabricated
wood trusses, that are not part of the lateral load resisting system, may be
designed by the manufacturer if all loads are clearly given in the contract
documents and the designer of record accepts the designs. Contractor
furnished designs must be stamped by a registered civil or structural
engineer however the designer of record will still be responsible for these
designs based on the required acceptance.
Structural Notes
a. The drawings must contain a set of "Structural Notes" which provide critical
reference information for use when future modifications and evaluations are
made. e.g. Design Criteria, Design Loads, References to Design Standards,
Required Material Properties, Types, Grades & Strengths, General
Construction Requirements etc.
b. All structural drawing sets shall contain a statement to the effect that "The
seismic design represented in these contract documents equals or exceeds
the requirements of the 1997 edition of the Uniform Building Code."
Design-Build Contracts
a. Structural design performed under the direction of a design-build contractor shall
conform to the level of care that is expected of designs done under direct contract to
the Navy.
b. Drawings must be completely detailed such that design decisions and choices in
the field are not necessary.
c. The designer of record will assume responsibility for all work within the particular
discipline whether performed personally or by specialty sub-contractors. This
responsibility is as defined in item above.
Welding Requirements
Acceptance criteria for ultrasonic testing of groove welds shall be based on Table 6.3 of
AWS D1.1.


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