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Load Combinations:
a. Load combinations per ASCE-7 shall supercede comparable Load
Combinations contained in materials criteria documents, however other
documents may add supplementary Load Combinations in addition to those
contained in ASCE 7. Note the modified strength reduction factors in
appendix B of ACI 318.
b. When specifically required, strength and stability shall be checked to
ensure that structures are capable of withstanding the effects of
extraordinary (i.e. low probability) events such as fires, explosions and
vehicular impact.
a. Live Loads used in the design of buildings and other structures shall be the
maximum loads expected by the intended use or occupancy, but shall in no case be
less than the minimum loads required by ASCE 7 or Mil Hdbk 1002/2A.
b. In buildings where the intended use might result in partitions being erected or
rearranged, provision for partitions with a minimum weight of 20 psf shall be made,
whether or not partitions are shown on the drawings.
c. Any single panel point of the lower chord of exposed trusses or any point
along the length of exposed primary structural members over manufacturing,
storage, warehousing or maintenance shops shall be designed for a concentrated
load of 2000 pounds (8.9 kN) in addition to all other loads. For all other
occupancies a concentrated load of 200 pounds (0.89 kN) shall be used.
d. Crane live loads shall be the rated capacity of the crane. Design loads for the
runway beams, including connections and support brackets, of moving bridge
cranes and monorails shall include the maximum wheel loads and the vertical,
lateral and longitudinal impact forces induced by the moving crane or monorail. For
cranes and hoists with rated loads in excess of 10 tons, the Navy Crane Center
(NCC) must be contacted for assistance in determining loads and coordinating the
design elements.
e. Snow loads that are not covered in ASCE-7 or Mil-Hdbk 1002/2A shall be
based on accepted local criteria.


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