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Concrete Masonry Construction:
a. Walls constructed of concrete masonry units require control or expansion Joints
at maximum spacing of 30 feet unless evidence is presented that documents the
use of greater lengths without detrimental effects. Design calculations for shear
walls must be based on the actual wall segment lengths between joints.
b. All concrete masonry construction shall use medium weight units per ASTM
C90, types M or S mortar and grout with a minimum compressive strength
at least 500 psi. higher than fm'.
c. All walls constructed of concrete masonry units shall be fully grouted.
(grout in all cells) The design mass calculations must reflect this condition.
d. Walls must be constructed of single or double open end units. Single or
double open end bond beam units must be used in courses in which
horizontal reinforcing is placed. No two closed unit ends shall abut in the
wall such that no head joints exist.
e. Columns must be constructed of closed column units or pilaster units with
joints staggered from course to course. No web sections may occur within
f. Running bond is required for shear walls and wall frames.
g. Horizontal joint reinforcing may be used in conjunction with reinforcing
bars to meet minimum reinforcing requirements in lightly loaded walls.
Joint reinforcing shall not be used to resist computed stresses.
h. In 8 inch or thinner walls, reinforcing shall be limited to one face of
reinforcing in each direction located at the center of the wall thickness.
Wood Framing
a. Plywood and oriented strand board are the only structural use panels
permitted for horizontal or vertical diaphragms in wood construction.
Minimum thickness to be inch. All horizontal diaphragms must be
blocked unless tongue and groove joints are used.
b. Connections of wood framing members shall, were possible, be made with
mechanical connectors rather than toenails, endnails etc. Wood stud walls shall be
anchored to concrete foundations to resist design loads with minimum anchorage
as follows:


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