Quantcast Heating, Ventilating And Air Conditioning (HVAC)

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Epoxy coatings for reinforcing bars shall be applied after bending in accord with
ASTM A 934.
a. FEMA : FEMA documents may be ordered from FEMA by telephoning 800
480 2520 or 301 497 1873.
b. Corps of Engineers: TI XXX XX documents may be downloaded from the
Corps of Engineers web page. ( www.usace.army.mil / Techinfo / Instructions.)
c. NAVFAC: Many TI XXX and MilHdbks may be downloaded from the LantDiv
web page. ( www.efdlant.navfac.navy.mil / engineering Innovation / publications.)
d. Department of Defense Specifications and Standards: Many military
publications can be obtained by writing DODSSP - Building 4, Section D - 700
Robbins Ave. - Philadelphia, PA 19111-5094. ( Telephone 215 697 2179.)
e. Southwest Division: Hard copies of many of the above documents may be
obtained at Southwest Division headquarters 921 West Broadway San Diego.
Contact Ed Hanlon by phone at 619 532 1649 or by E-Mail at
hanlonea@efdsw.navfac.navy.mil to check availability.
6.9.1 Heating, Ventilating And Air Conditioning (HVAC)
MIL-HDBK 1003/3 Chapters 8 and 10 of MIL -HDBK 1190, P-89, and the International
Mechanical Code (IMC). Provide a description and schematics of the system and an
explanation of why this system is preferred over others. Include in the description the
a. Indoor and outdoor design temperatures.
b. "U" factors for walls, ceilings, floor, etc.
c. Special humidification or dehumidification requirements.
d. Special filtration requirements.
e. A statement regarding the ability of an existing mechanical system to carry the
load when the existing system is expanded or modified.


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