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Custom Search Heating
Include in the description of the heating system the following:
a. The heating medium, such as steam, hot water, gas or electricity and explain why
this medium is preferred over others.
b. The total flow, pressure and quality requirements of the proposed facility and the
ability of the existing utility network to meet these demands.
c. Indicate location of the heating plant and state if condensate is to be returned. Ventilation
In the description of the ventilation system include the following:
a. Whether a gravity or mechanical system is to be used.
b. Whether or not smoke removal systems are proposed.
c. Indicate the number of outside air changes per hour in various areas, the type of
filtration, and applicable OSHA and/or Industrial Hygiene requirements.
d. Operation of the system in summer and winter modes. Cooling
In the description of the cooling system include the following:
a. A list of the areas to be cooled.
b. Locations of major components.
c. The proposed equipment including the type of refrigerant and water treatment.
d. Describe the environmental control system type and functions.
6.9.2 Plumbing
MIL-HDBK 1003/1, DM3.5 and International Plumbing Code. Provide a description and
schematics of the proposed systems. Include in the description the following:
a. The number and type of each fixture based on the number of persons to be


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