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b. The total flow requirement and the estimated maximum and minimum water
pressure at each building and a statement if booster pumping is proposed.
c. The type size, location, and design temperature of the domestic water heater.
d. The design temperature of the domestic hot water distribution system and a
statement if recirculation is proposed.
e. A discussion of any specialized features such as medical gases, hydraulic
systems, vacuum or compressed air.
6.9.3 Cold Storage
MIL-HDBK-1032/2 and ASHRAE Standard 15, latest edition.
a. Provide a description and schematics of the proposed refrigeration system for
the cold storage facility including an explanation of why this system is preferred over
b. List areas to be refrigerated, including their usage and temperatures to be
c. Describe the proposed equipment and locate the major components.
6.9.4 Heating Plants
MIL-HDBK 1003/6. Provide a description and schematics of the proposed systems.
Include in the description the following:
a. The number, size, type and pressure of the new boilers.
b. The type of fuel and the proposed storage and distribution systems.
c. The number and type of new auxiliaries and their power sources.
d. The type and function of the safety and combustion control systems and how they
will perform.
6.9.5 Exterior Distribution Systems
Steam, High Temperature Water, Chilled Water, Natural Gas, And Compressed Air. MIL-
Provide a description and schematics of the proposed system(s). Include the description of
the following:


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