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a. Loads and fluid conditions, fluid characteristics, and distribution site locations.
b. Factor governing test for field permeability, soil resistivity, soil stability and water
c. Information on the distribution pipe sizing, valves and supports, distribution
methods and piping specifications.
6.9.6 Fuel Distribution And Storage
MIL-HDBK 1022 Provides a description and schematics of the proposed system. Include
in the description the following:
a. Identify type and materials for pipes, tanks, and valves.
b. For GAS systems describe type, location of take off from supply and available
c. For LIQUID systems describe unloading facilities such as dock, tank, car, or
truck; state the basis for storage capacity, the rate of pumping and the number of
dispensing outlets, the hazard classification and the power requirements.
6.9.7 Elevators, Escalator, Dumbwaiters, Access Lifts,Pneumatic Tube Systems
DM-3.09. Provide a description and schematics of the proposed system including an
explanation of why this system is preferred over others.
6.10.1 Facilities
a. Service: Describe the characteristics, capacity, conductor size, metering,
ductbanks and raceways. Describe the total connected load and resulting kilowatt
demand load by applying the proper demand and diversity factors. Indicate
adequacy of the supply at the point of connection.
b. Transformers: Describe the type to be used, coolant, rating, protective devices,
and connections.
c. Main Distribution Switchboard: Describe the rating of the bus, the number of
circuit breakers and metering. Include the total computed load.
d. Service Equipment Panel: Describe the phase, voltage, current, power and
Asymmetrical Interrupting Capacity (AIC).


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