Quantcast Electrical Distribution System

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l. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS): Describe how the design will meet IDS
m. Specialized Receptacles: Describe special receptacles used in the design.
n. Wiring Systems: Describe raceways, wire type, conductor insulation, and
o. Switchgear And Motor Control Centers. Describe the type of circuit breakers
and starters to be used, interrupting rating, continuous rating, control power,
metering and relaying, and enclosures.
p. Telecommunications/Local Area Network (LAN). Describe the type and
arrangement of telecommunication /LAN systems including type and quantity of
cables, hardware /accessories and capacity of the existing system. Indicate source
and connections to existing systems. Describe current criteria for
manholes/handholes, ducts, cables, jacks, backboard, etc., required for proper
design of the systems.
q. Lightning Protection System. Describe how the design will meet the
requirements for a lightning protection system.
r. Hazardous Locations. Identify all areas considered hazardous with appropriate
classification and division based on the National Electrical Code.
6.10.2 Electrical Distribution System
a. Primary Supply to Station. Describe the electrical characteristics of power
supply to the Station, or portion involved including circuit interrupting requirements
and voltage regulation.
b. Station Distribution: Describe the electrical characteristics and adequacy. If
inadequate, state measures proposed to correct the deficiency. Describe the basis
for selection of distribution voltage.
c. Standards of Design: Describe the pertinent standards of design, such as
voltage drop, physical characteristic of overhead or underground circuits, type of
street lighting units and lighting intensities.
d. Conduits and Conductors: Describe the type of conduit to be used, where
installed, depth of installation, and whether direct buried, concrete encased or
surface. Describe the type of conductor insulation, shielding, grounding
requirements, and where proposed for use.


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