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d. Height and area limits and allowable increases; fire walls (locations and ratings,
including doors, windows, and dampers); remedial action required if project
involves an existing building.
e. Water supplies. Data from hydrant flow tests, comparison of the required versus
the available fire flows to determine if the water supply is adequate, and a
description of the water supply facilities (e.g., number of pumps available/on line,
size of water storage tanks, etc.).
f. Means of egress requirements. Number and types of exits; Separation of means
of egress (fire and smoke partitions and walls and door ratings); exit travel
distances; egress capacity and occupant load; exit signage and emergency lighting;
g. Fire alarm and detection systems. Locations of manual alarm initiation devices
and audible/visual warning device requirements; system zoning; type of automatic
detection (if required) with areas of coverage.
h. Extinguishing systems. Identify:
1. All areas requiring extinguishing systems and the type of system.
2. Classification of hazard and design density requirements.
3. Areas requiring gaseous or chemical fire protection systems and design
4. Size and type of fire pumps and/or standpipes as required.
i. Smoke control systems. Number and locations of smoke zones; method and
sequence of operation.
j. Other fire protection features as appropriate to the hazards of the facility.
Based upon the soil investigation/corrosive soil and/or water survey/report, describe the
requirements for cathodic protection. Provide a list of all metallic underground structures
(such as pipes, storage tanks, hydraulic lifts, casing, steel pilings), utilities, and above
ground storage tanks. Indicate the type of material of each structure. If cathodic protection
is necessary, describe the method of protection.


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