Quantcast Storm Water Discharge Requirements

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Custom Search Storm Water Discharge Requirements
For projects requiring compliance with NPDES permitting for storm water discharges
associated with construction activity (i.e. 5 acres, 2 hectares or more of soil disturbance),
the location map shall extend approximately one quarter mile beyond project boundaries
showing: the construction site, surface water bodies (including known springs and
wetlands), known wells, an outline of off-site drainage areas that discharge into the
construction site, general topography, and the anticipated discharge location(s) where the
construction site discharges to a municipal storm sewer system or other water body.
7.2.3 Drawing Orientation
Plans shall be oriented with the North arrow pointing upward or to the right and the
orientation of all building plans shall be identical and all site plans shall be identical.
7.2.4 Drafting Media
Tracing paper, grid paper, profile paper and vellum will be provided by the government, if
available. The Government will not supply Mylar. All sheets will be D size, see Exhibit 7B.
For drawings on CADD, see Attachment B, the Government will provide electronic file to
the A-E for title block. Transition to SI drawings will be implemented when supplies are
exhausted, at which time International Organization for Standard (IOS) "A" series drawing
sheets (A1, etc.) shall be used. All drawings in the contract shall be the same size.
7.2.5 Lettering And Shading
Completed drawings shall be in pencil or ink. Uppercase vertical lettering is preferred and
must be plain and legible. The minimum size freehand lettering height on all project
drawings shall be 5/32 inch, 3.25 mm. All imaging shall be on the top side.
Computer-plotted lettering (pen-plot and 400 dots per inch electrostatic plot) shall be 1/8
inch, 3.25 mm. The use of pencil or crayon shading or poche' on the back of the
drawings will not be permitted because of unsatisfactory reproduction. All sections
or areas normally denoted by poche' shall be indicated by stippling, crosshatching or other
pattern indication. Decals placed on the bottom or backside of drawings shall not be used.
7.2.6 Scales
Locate directly under the title of each plan, elevation, section, detail, etc., an indication of
the scale of the object drawn, (Example: SCALE 1/8" = 1'-0", 1:100). Closely related
groups of details having identical scales and tied together with a common title may receive
a single indication of scale under their title. Topographic surveys must be drawn at scales
of 1" = 10', 1:200, 1" = 20', 1:300 or 1" = 40', 1:400, as appropriate. In addition to the
conventional scales, and directly to the left of the title block, provide a series of graphic
scales which shall include every scale used on the sheet. Scales shall be placed in
sequence according to size with the smallest uppermost. It is not sufficient to place all


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