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dimensions which are changed so as to keep the number of symbols to a minimum.
Where there are many changes in one area on a drawing so that separate revision
symbols would crowd the drawing, a single revision symbol may be used to identify the
change if sufficient data is included in the revision block. If the revision accompanies an
amendment or Change Order Request (COR), the amendment number or COR letter
should be indicated along with a description of the change. New drawings
accompanying amendments or CORs shall bear the following notation in the
revision block. "This drawing accompanies amendment number or COR ". Before
revising a drawing, the freehand circles of the drawing for the previous revision shall be
removed. Alphabetical revision letters do not necessarily relate to the alphabetical letters
of the CORs. Revision Block
Each revision shall be recorded in the revision block of the drawing. The revision letter
shall be placed in the "SYM" column. A brief description of the changes shall be made in
the description column. See Exhibit 7-A. Approval Of Drawings
Approval of the drawing will be made by the Command in the date and approval column.
Include the following:
a. Site plan showing building footprint on contoured base map. Indicate all utility
lines, access roads, paved areas, vehicular and pedestrian circulation paths and
existing adjacent structures.
b. List of all rooms and spaces required for the facility. Indicate net square
foot/square meter, sf/m2 area for each room/space. Indicate total gross square
foot/square meter, sf/m2 area of the facility as proposed by the design. Include
adjustments required by covered areas such as walkways or passageways.
c. Scaled floor plan drawings. Label all rooms/spaces, show all major dimensions.
Include footprint of equipment and furniture required in each space. Indicate
mechanical/room/equipment yard and major electrical installations proposed for the
facility. Indicate schematic duct work.
d. Scaled building sections. Show floor to floor, floor to roof and all ceiling heights.
Indicate materials and construction for floor, exterior walls and roof. Indicate duct
space for HVAC systems if such systems are proposed for the facility.


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