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a. A topographic survey of the site with at least two points on the traverse set
permanently with standard Navy Monuments (Brass Cap in concrete).
b. Both the horizontal and vertical control monuments including elevations and
c. The bearing and distance between the control monuments.
d. All surface and subsurface utilities.
e. All surface structures on and off site that may effect the design.
f. All trees and shrubs on the project site.
g. Inverts of all utilities and sizes shall be shown. Demolition Plan
Indicate the following:
a. Type and thickness of structures, foundations and pavements to be removed.
b. Sizes and materials of all existing utility lines to be removed.
c. Limits of demolition.
d. Size and thickness of trees to be removed.
e. Trees and shrubs to remain. Site Plan
a. Locate all new work by coordinates or dimensions from prominent existing
b. Clearly distinguish new facilities from existing.
c. Indicate the following:
Building Location
Access Roads
Survey Control Points
Bench Marks


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