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6. Sidewalks
7. Finished floor elevations Grading Plan
Shall be of the same orientation and scale as the existing topography plan. Existing
contours shall be clearly distinguishable from new contours. Indicate the following:
a. High and low points and grade breaks with spot elevations. Additional spot
elevations shall be provided along ditches at culverts, inverts and at all other critical
surface positions to indicate surface run-off. Spot elevations on the ground shall be
shown to the nearest tenth of a foot (31mm) and those on structures or pavements to
the nearest one-hundredth of a foot (3mm).
b. Finish floor elevations for all buildings and concrete slabs.
c. Top elevations and inverts of all drainage structures and ditches.
d. Limits of grading.
e. Vertical control benchmark.
f. Buildings, structures and pavement areas.
g. Pavement types.
h. Erosion and Sediment Control Measures. Paving Plan
a. Shall be the same orientation and scale as the site plan.
b. Indicate the following:
1. Airfield pavements, roads, curbs, gutters and shoulders in section
2. Type and thickness of structure including base course and sub-base.
3. Wheel loadings for airfield pavements, grating and covers.
4. Joint pattern and details for rigid pavement layout.
5. Pavement markings and striping.


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