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7.4.3 Landscape Architecture Drawings
Include the following: Landscape Construction Plan
a. Site signage, fencing and playground area.
b. Landscape drainage layout (i.e., piping and catch basins/drain inlets).
c. Site legend with symbols and descriptions. Irrigation Plan
a. Irrigation head layout, both existing and proposed.
b. Piping layout (lateral line only).
c. Irrigation legend with symbols and descriptions. Planting Plan
a. Tree, shrub, vine, groundcover and lawn locations.
b. Site furnishings (i.e., benches, tables, tree grates, bicycle racks, trash
receptacles, playground equipment, etc.).
c. Existing plant material(s) and/or site furnishing(s) to remain. Use dashed outline
symbol to represent these elements.
d. Plant legend with botanical and common names, sizes, quantities and
additional remarks.
e. Site furnishings legend with symbol and description.
7.4.4 Architectural Drawings
Include the following:
a. Architectural Site Plan.
b. Demolition Plan.
c. Floor Plans.


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