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d. Roof Plans.
e. Exterior Elevations.
f. Building Sections.
g. Wall Sections.
h. Room Finish Schedule.
i. Large Scale Plans.
j. Interior Elevations.
k. Equipment Layouts.
l. Reflected Ceiling Plan Architectural Site Plan
Indicate new and existing buildings, structures, roads, parking, sidewalks, and site
improvements. Identify all structures and site features. Provide campus plan(s) for multiple
building developments. Demolition Plans
For renovation work and additions to existing facilities, indicate existing construction, items
to be removed or altered, and new work. Floor Plans
Indicate all required spaces. Provide space identification, number, and function. Indicate
all windows, doors, walls, partitions, moveable partitions, built-in equipment, and significant
features of the facility. Indicate collateral equipment which affect the plan layout (such as
trainers, machinery, etc.) or are necessary for accurate placement of utilities (such as
laboratory tables, BEQ furniture, etc.). Indicate overall and critical dimensions. Roof Plans
Indicate type of roof, direction of slopes, roofing type, access to roof, and mechanical and
electrical equipment.


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