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7.4.8 Electrical Drawings
Include the following:
a. Notes, Legends, Symbol List.
b. Existing Site and Demolition Plan.
c. Site Plan.
d. Single Line Diagrams.
e. Floor Plan(s). Notes, Legends And Symbols List
Electrical symbols shall conform to ANSI Y-32.3 and Y-32.9. Demolition Plan
Include existing electrical site information such as buildings, pavements and utilities.
Electrical demolition shall be shown on this drawing and indicated by legend. Demolished
features should not be shown on subsequent drawings. Interior demolition shall be shown
on a separate plan. Site Plan
Show new and remaining aboveground and underground electrical equipment. When
located in proximity to other utilities, all should be shown to avoid conflicts. Information on
existing conditions shall be complete. Show circuits and feeders. Show conductor by size,
number, voltage and type of insulation. Single Line Diagrams
This plan shall show (including electrical characteristics and ratings) the following:
a. Existing distribution to a point of connection.
b. Primary feeder to project.
c. Pad-mounted transformer or substation with primary and secondary switchgear.
d. Secondary Feeders.


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