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7.5.1 Civil Drawings
Include the following:
a. Existing Topography
b. Demolition Plan
c. Utility Site Plan (Including Fire Protection Sytem(s))
d. Plot Plan
e. Grading Plan
f. Paving Plan
g. Plan and Profile
h. Profiles
i. Cross sections
j. Dredging Drawings
k. Details and Sections, Civil
l. Painting and Striping
m. Utility Systems Seismic Design
n. Soils Boring Logs and Data Existing Topography
Existing topography shall be the record of a field topographic survey performed by a
licensed Land Surveyor on a proposed project site. The specific project limits shall be
indicated. On sanitary and storm sewer lines, manholes, catch basins and clean-outs shall
be identified and located. The utility line inverts shall be indicated. Demolition Plan
a. Indicate all existing structures, foundations, and pavements, including type,
dimensions, and thickness, which will require demolition and removal prior to the
new project construction. It is essential that the limits of removal be clearly identified
and dimensioned, and a depth requirement established for all foundation removal.


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