Quantcast Utility Plan

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Photographic reproductions of complicated buildings for structures to be
demolished may be used to supplement drawings and notes for clarity.
b. Show buried tanks and structures like inlets and manholes that are not to be
completely removed, but abandoned in place filled with sand.
c. Indicate all existing utility lines (including Mechanical and Electrical) to be
removed or abandoned in place.
d. Indicate all existing trees and shrubs to be removed or saved.
e. Deposition of the demolished and removal material shall be clearly indicated.
Material to be salvaged shall be identified and direction given by notes as to how
and where it shall be stored or deposited. Asbestos and other hazardous materials
at the site shall be identified and a safe removal-disposal plan developed. Utility Plan
Sanitary and storm sewer lines shall have invert and top elevations indicated at all
manholes, catch basins and curb inlets. All significant appurtenances shall be identified
including Fire Protection System, by symbol and/or noted. Indicate new fittings to make
proper connections. Indicate related features. Site Plan
The site plan shall be drawn to the same scale and orientation as the existing topography
plan. Locate and dimension all new structures, buildings, walks, parking areas, roads, etc.,
by coordinates, dimension offsets from a horizontal control base line or stationing, and
offsets from a road centerline. Road and railroad alignment shall indicate stationing,
centerline tangent bearings, and curve data. Major new utility supply lines routing shall be
indicated by tangent distances and bearings along the centerline of the pipe. Project limit
lines shall be clearly delineated showing contractor's area of responsibility; the contractor's
office area, storage and lay-down areas. Where new project work interfaces with existing
facilities within the site, the new work shall be clearly delineated by heavy outline, symbols,
and/or notes. Grading Plan
The grading plan shall show earthwork, indicate daylight line between cut and fill
embankments, excavations, select borrow fills, ditches and swales, and surface elevations
of pavement areas, curbs, culverts, catch basins, and manholes to present an adequate
surface drainage plan and storm drainage system for the entire project site. Erosion and
sediment control measures shall be indicated. Identify all buildings, structures, pavement
areas and note pavement types. The plan shall be of the same orientation and scale as the
existing topography plan. The surface runoff pattern shall be indicated by finish grade


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