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1. Provided for all site areas where substantial excavation, embankment, or
engineered fill is intended; or where airfield approach-departure clearances
are shown.
2. Taken normally at every Station in100 foot intervals (30m) with additional
sections taken in between at grade breaks or other topographic irregularities
which would cause inaccuracies in earthwork quantity computations.
3. Plotted starting with Sta. 0+00 at the lower left hand corner of the drawing,
and proceed up and to the right with increasing stationing.
4. Plotted normally at a vertical scale of 1" = 2' and horizontal scale of 1" =
10' (1:100) or 1" = 20' (1:200), and the centerline and edges finish grade
elevation indicated at each Station.
5. Taken at 50' (15m) or closer for pavement widening and repair projects
where a smooth join with existing finished surfaces is required.
e. Special sections traversing the entire facility site, at typical locations or at right
angles to each other, are sometimes required to clearly indicate the required work
where the building foundations are set on or within engineered fill, or unusual
grading problems are encountered. Dredging Drawings
The limit of dredging shall be depicted by the contract dredging depth contour and any
limiting waterfront structure. Dredging drawings will normally consist of the hydrographic
survey plans and the dredging sections and details.
a. The hydrographic survey plan will show:
1. Waterfront area.
2. Limits of dredging.
3. Contract dredging depth and overdredge allowance.
4. Channel widths.
5. Existing piers, wharves, docks, quaywalls, groins, breakwaters, and any
other waterfront structure which might limit or control the dredging operations.
6. Soundings depicting the elevations below MLLW of the channel or harbor
at every Station (100' interval) (30m) or half-Station (50' interval) (15m) along


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