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a pier line or base line, and at a 25' interval (7.5m) in a transverse direction.
Where soundings are obtained with an automatic continuous recording
fathometer, the 25' interval (7.5m) is not applicable. Additional soundings
shall be taken in critical areas, and in areas of irregular bottom conditions,
high or low spots, or any artificial sunken obstruction.
7. Horizontal control points and vertical control benchmarks shall be
8. Soil test borings locations.
9. Disposal site.
10. Dredging phasing sequence.
11. All referenced horizontal and vertical control points and datum.
b. The dredging sections and details drawing shall show:
1. Cross-sections or typical sections as the project might require.
2. MLLW line.
3. Existing seabed (mudline).
4. Contract dredging depth.
5. Overdredge allowance depth.
6. Pay depth.
7. Design side slope against piers or along the perimeter of the dredging
8. Any special sloping.
9. Rip-rapping and/or pier modification related to the dredging.
10. Subsurface buried cable or other utility line requiring special care in the
dredging operation. Details And Sections, Civil
Show at an adequate scale and sufficiently annotated to clearly define the work intended.
Whether the details and sections are indicated to be to scale, or labeled not to scale


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