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a. Irrigation plan shall be on a separate sheet, but at the same scale as the planting
and landscape construction plans. Minimum scale size shall be 1"=20'-0", 1:2000.
b. Piping (main, lateral and sleeving) layout and sizing. Show distinct symbols for
potable and non-potable pressure and non-pressure existing and new irrigation
lines, and supply lines. Include these symbols in the irrigation legend.
c. Irrigation head/emitter module layout, both existing and proposed.
d. Valve (standard control, drip assembly, isolation, gate, ball and quick coupler)
layout, sizing and sequencing. For each standard control and drip assembly valve
include total flow (GPM or GPH). For drip assembly valves, indicate pressure
regulator setting.
e. Point of connection location, size, type of line and static PSI availability.
f. Size and location of reduced pressure backflow preventer/water meter/pressure
regulator/wye strainer assembly.
g. Location, size and type of controller and location of power source for controller.
h. Location and size of water pump.
i. Location of in line swing and/or spring check valves.
j. Location of automatic drain valves for drip irrigation systems only.
k. Location of soil moisture sensors and/or rain shut off device(s).
l. Location of separate drinking fountain potable water line. Coordinate connection
to sewer line (if applicable).
m. Irrigation legend indicating symbols, psi, gpm/gph, radius, pattern, nozzle size,
descriptions and detail reference.
n. Irrigation installation notes. Planting Plan
a. Locations of trees, shrubs, vines, groundcovers and lawn area.
b. Location of lawn and playground edging material.


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