Quantcast Door And Window Schedules

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Custom Search Reflected Ceiling Plans
Indicate type and extent of ceiling materials. Indicate electrical fixtures, HVAC diffusers,
openings, equipment, special features. Roof Plans
Indicate type of roof, direction of slopes, parapets, expansion and isolation joints, roof
drains, scuppers, sky lights, mechanical and electrical equipment, and curbs for any roofing
membrane penetration. Indicate sections cut and required dimensions. Exterior Elevations
Show all exterior elevations. Indicate height of floors, and vertical dimensions. Indicate
type and extent of finish materials. Indicate swing/direction of movement for windows and
doors. Building Sections
Show sections through entire facility. Indicate floor and ceiling heights, structural elements,
exposed wall surfaces and major equipment. Wall Sections
Indicate wall sections including foundation and roof construction where applicable.
Illustrate and identify materials and locations. Indicate all required dimensions. Room Finish Schedule
Indicate finishes of floors, bases, walls/partitions, cabinets, trim, ceilings, ceiling heights,
and special requirements for all interior spaces. Include color schedule for all finish
materials. Door And Window Schedules
Indicate all doors, windows, and folding partitions. Indicate door and frame type, size,
thickness, fire-rating, louvers, hardware, glazing and special requirements. Include
elevations of doors, frames, windows and partitions. Large Scale Plans
Show enlarged plans of complex spaces (such as kitchens, laboratories, control rooms).
Indicate built-in/collateral equipment, special requirements. Provide required dimensions.


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