Quantcast Equipment Layouts

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Custom Search Interior Elevations
Provide elevations of interior spaces. Indicate finishes, trim, cabinets, shelving, built-
in/collateral equipment. Indicate heights of cabinets, work surfaces, wainscots, trim, and
ceilings. Indicate mounting heights of all equipment accessories. Door And Window Details
Show head, jamb, and sill details of all windows and doors. Indicate frames, anchorage,
glazing, sealants, all special requirements. Miscellaneous Details
Show details of all cabinets, partitions, accessories, built-in equipment and special
requirements. Equipment Layouts
Provide plans of all collateral and contract equipment. Provide schedule indicating
responsibility for purchase, removal, shipping, receiving, installing and testing of all
equipment. Ceiling Systems
Support and seismic restraint of ceilings systems shall be detailed. Details must include
diagonal splay restraints and compression struts.
7.5.4 Structural Drawings
Include the following:
a. General Notes and Typical Details.
b. Foundation Plan.
c. Floor Framing Plan.
d. Roof Framing Plan.
e. Elevations.
f. Sections and Details.
g. Schedules.


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