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h. Other Drawings. General Notes And Typical Details
a. Design criteria, design loads, allowable stresses, material properties and
reference standards.
b. Material notes such as structural steel, concrete, masonry, etc.
c. Bid information such as pile/caisson lengths, excavation depths, footing
elevations, etc.
d. Special test requirements.
e. Abbreviations and symbols.
f. Construction details that are applicable to significant portions of the design, and
that can readily be identified by a referenced section cut(s). Foundation Plan
a. Layout of foundation support systems showing all dimensions and elevations
necessary for construction. The foundation plan must be fully dimensioned without
reliance on dimensions located on other drawings.
b. Size or schedule references for all foundation features such as footings, grade
beams, piles, caissons, pile/caisson caps, etc.
c. Control/expansion/construction isolation joints in slabs, walls and grade beams.
d. Trenches, pits, openings, depressed/thickened slabs.
e. Test pile/caisson locations.
f. Existing and final site conditions/features.
g. Indicate bearing walls, columns, dowels, straps, holddowns, etc. Floor And Roof Framing Plans
a. Layout of horizontal framing elements showing all dimensions, orientation, grid
lines and elevations necessary for construction.


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