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a. Sections and details showing all parts, shapes, sizes, materials, dimensions,
elevations, arrangement and orientation necessary for construction.
b. Schedule references for fasteners, welds, plates, clips, ties, stirrups, pins, etc.
c. All connections completely detailed to a point where no further engineering is
d. Concrete/masonry wall reinforcement details showing size, clearances,
placement, shape, etc. Also show shear wall boundary element and boundary zone
e. Anchor bolts, base plates, bearing plates, showing materials, sizes, welds,
embedments, projections, reference elevations, etc.
f. Shear transfer details between elements of the lateral load resisting system
clearly defined. Schedules
Schedules for beams, columns, lintels, joists, trusses, frames, piles, caissons, footings,
pile/caisson caps, pile/caisson capacities/loads (vertical and horizontal), grade beams,
slabs, connections, bracing, etc. Other Drawings
Layout of structural systems for special fabrications and construction such as space
trusses/frames, long span trusses, post- and pre-tensioned systems, shells, towers,
fabric structures, etc. Seismic Anchorage Of Pipes, Ducts And Equipment
The project drawings shall explicitly detail the support and seismic anchorage and restraint
for all equipment that exceeds 400 lbs (180 kg) and building/utility systems. Where it can
be shown that unrestrained movement can be tolerated without damage to equipment or
system elements, restraint need not be provided.
a. Details shall include the size and embedment of bolts and anchors as well as
sizes and connections for structural support elements.
b. Suspended equipment shall be supported from structural members, rather than
from floor or roof decks.


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