Quantcast Roof Investigations

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Custom Search Moisture Content
a. Dimension lumber shall have a maximum moisture content of 19 percent when
delivered to the job site.
b. Lumber with minimum nominal dimensions of 5 inches or greater may have a
maximum moisture content of 25 percent when delivered to the job site. Roof Investigations
a. Roofing investigations shall include examination of equipment, support and
anchorage of all roof mounted equipment. When reroofing has occurred, existing
equipment that is not properly secured, shall be re-anchored.
b. If a new roof is installed, that weighs more than the replaced roof, the capacity of
the affected framing members shall be checked, and if members are over stressed,
it shall be reinforced.
7.5.5 Mechanical Drawings
Include the following:
a. Demolition Plans (when required).
b. Plot or Site Plans.
c. Large Scale Plot or Site Plan.
d. Mechanical Plans.
e. Large Scale Mechanical Plans.
f. Elevations and Sections.
g. Details.
h. Isometric and Schematic Diagrams.
i. Control Diagrams.
j. Sequence of Operations.
k. Equipment Schedule.
l. Equipment Seismic Anchorage.


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