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a. Be drawn at a scale not less than 1/8"=1'0", 1:100, . All ductwork shown in
double line to scale.
b. Include legends, notes, etc. to assure clarity.
c. Show provisions for controlling expansion and anchoring of piping and ductwork.
d. Not combine HVAC work with Plumbing system work without the specific
approval of the PL. Large Scale Mechanical Plans
Provide for Mechanical equipment rooms. Large Scale Mechanical Plans shall:
a. Be drawn at a scale of 3/8"=1'0", or 1/2"=1'0", 1:25.
b. Include equipment in the room drawn to scale.
c. Include piping in the room over 3", 750 mm diameter drawn to scale using double
lines; piping 3", 750 mm and less can be shown single line.
d. Identify (using dashed lines for example) adequate space for maintenance,
including removal of tube bundles, etc. Elevations/Sections
Provide when vertical dimensions and/or potential interferences are significant in the
design. The scale of the elevation/section shall be large enough to clearly show the
characteristics of the system, and to allow accurate take-offs of vertical lengths and fittings. Details
Show adequate details to enable the contractor to properly fabricate, assemble, install,
attach, and suspend the equipment and piping that is shown on the plans, sections and
elevations. Key the details to the other drawings using the bubble system described
elsewhere in this chapter. Isometric And Schematic Diagrams
Include piping, equipment configurations, flow direction, and connection points. The scale
of the diagrams shall permit easy tracing of the fluid (liquid and gaseous) flow paths. Control Diagrams
a. Indicate the function of the control systems involved.


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