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d. Plumbing Plans.
e. Large Scale Plumbing Plans.
f. Elevations and Sections.
g. Details.
h. Isometric and Schematic Diagrams.
i. Equipment Schedule.
j. Seismic Anchorage for Equipment. Demolition Plan
a. Demolition shall be shown on a separate plans.
b. Indicate equipment and piping to be demolished including type of material, sizes
or dimensions.
c. Hazardous material such as asbestos and lead paint shall be identified and
quantified Site Plan
Plumbing systems, such as central domestic hot water plants. Site Plans shall:
a. Be drawn to as large a scale as possible, providing the scale is adequate to
show initial installation and future maintenance. Scale shall not be smaller than
1"=50' or 1:500.
b. Show all new utility systems, existing systems, and points of connection.
c. Show all new and existing structures.
d. Show dimensions of new systems from a permanent reference point on the
project site.
e. Profiles shall be plotted on the same sheet and directly underneath the plan for all
outside underground piping systems.
f. Indicate invert elevations, slopes, and finish grades.


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