Quantcast Electrical Drawings

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Show adequate details to enable the contractor to properly fabricate, assemble, install,
attach, and suspend the equipment and piping that is shown on the plans, sections and
elevations. Key the details to the other drawings using the bubble system described
elsewhere in this chapter. Isometric/Schematic Diagrams
Isometric and/or schematic diagrams showing the piping and equipment configurations,
flow direction, and connection points shall be included. The scale of the diagrams shall
permit easy tracing of the fluid flow paths. Equipment Schedules
The Equipment Schedules shall be shown separately and shall include:
a. Name, location, and identifying symbol of each major piece of equipment.
b. Engineering data (flow, pressure, temperature, special operating conditions,
etc). Note: This information need not be totally complete at the 45% submittal.
c. Electrical requirements for equipment requiring electrical power (voltage,
amperage, phase, frequency, horsepower, etc.)
7.5.7 Electrical Drawings
Include the following:
a. Notes, Legends, Symbol List.
b. Demolition Plans.
c. Site Plans.
d. Floor Plans.
e. Diagrams.
f. Schedules.
g. Details, Sections, Elevations.


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