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Electrical symbols shall conform to ANSI Y-32.2 and Y-32.9 Demolition Plan
Identify electrical work to be demolished. Site Plan
Show new overhead and underground power, street lighting, communications, fire alarm
loop system, utility power supply, emergency power supply and distribution systems. Show
the relationship of the work in a building with distribution and services to the outside area.
a. Utility Power Supply. Show the source, the voltage, phase and type of system
(delta or wye) and if grounded or ungrounded, the number and size of conductors
and if single or three-phase.
b. Emergency Power Supply. Show all mechanical and electrical items necessary
for satisfactory operation. The electrical details shall indicate the number of units,
the capacity of each in KVA, voltage, phase and type of system. The method for
starting and transferring load shall be indicated. The ratings of transfer switch,
circuit breaker and wiring shall be noted on the drawings.
c. Underground Installation. Show installation and indicate if the cables are direct
burial or in ducts. Show cross sections of each different condition. Plans and
sections shall indicate all construction in vaults, manholes and handholes. Required
sump pumps or drains shall be indicated. Spare ducts shall be stubbed out for
future use from all vaults, manholes and handholes. Indicate location of splices,
terminators, cutouts, etc. Indicate cable number, use, size, number of conductors,
insulation type and voltage rating for each cable. Show duct bank profiles.
d. Overhead Installations. Locate on the site plan with notations indicating system
voltage; size of conductors; location, size and type of transformer banks; pole line
switches; lightning protection; and grounding. Elevations, details and material lists
shall be provided to identify and describe poles, height, class, cross arms, pole line
hardware, transformer mounting and separation. Cross arm details shall include
length, size, and number of pins.


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