Quantcast Floor Plans

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In addition to the 45% submittal requirements include the following:
a. Intrusion Detection System (IDS).
b. Any other special connections to outside systems.
c. Locations of entering conduits and service racks.
d. Circuits and feeders.
e. Conductor by size, number, voltage and type of insulation.
f. Conduit size and type.
g. Telecommunication System.
1. Circuits
2. Conductors/cable by size, number, voltage, and type of insulation.
3. Conduit size and type. Diagram
a. Riser Diagram. Detail communication/signal systems, the interconnection
between panels and equipment, and connection to supply. Notations shall indicate
the use, rating and location of panel and equipment.
b. Single-Line Diagrams. Use this type of diagram to simplify understanding of
power. Use single lines and simplified symbols to indicate the course and
component devices or parts of the electrical circuits.
c. Full-Line Diagram. Show all phases or polarities of the electrical system such as
generator and transformer windings, busses, feeder circuits, distribution branch
circuits, control circuits, and all switching-control-relay-metering equipment. Label
and indicate size of equipment, busses and conductors, etc.
d. Relay and Control Circuits Diagrams. Show in straight line without regard for
physical relationships, all circuits and devices, elements of any equipment and its
associated apparatus. Where the circuit function is inherently in a definite
sequence, the sequence shall be indicated.


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