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f. Process and Instrumentation Diagrams. Include process and instrumentation
diagrams to indicate the extent of instrumentation and automation. Schedules And Tables
Identify circuits, protective devices, ratings, loads, phasing, controls, instrumentation, and
other pertinent information concerning the installations.
a. Panelboards. Include breakers for feeders and branches of suitable rating.
Indicate if cabinets are flush or surface type. In a table indicate location of panel,
circuit breaker number, use, load, breaker size and type; a column of this table may
be used to describe feeder and branch circuit wiring.
b. Lighting Fixtures. Show with approximate dimensioned sketches and
description; this shall include the method of hanging and mounting height. Include
aligners, special disconnecting fittings or ballasts. If the fixture is modified, supply a
detail and notes to convey the description so that the desired item is in no way
limited to one manufacturer.
c. Special Equipment. Identify by a symbol with a number and/or name. Indicate
electrical ratings and include data to indicate the type and size. Projects involving
the installation and interfacing of special equipment or providing services to such
equipment shall be detailed to final termination point indicating clearly where work
of others begins. Provide a schedule keyed to the floor plan(s) to identify all
Government furnished equipment. Sections And Details
a. Show location, state size and type and indicate all necessary construction data
for transformers, breakers, switches, cutouts, voltage regulators, cubicles, feeders,
control wiring, lightning protection, potheads, and lighting fixtures. Detail
connections to power supply, feeders and grounds.
b. Substations and switchgear installations shall include plans, details, elevations,
and diagrams that show and describe all meters, instrument transformers and
controls, remote or local. Show all connections to grounds, existing facilities or to
equipment supplied by others. Show future expansion.
c. Show seismic anchorage details for the attachment and anchorage of all
electrical equipment and fixtures.


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