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7.5.8 Cathodic Protection
Include the following:
a. Notes, Legends and Symbols List.
b. Site Plan.
c. Diagrams.
d. Details & Sections. Site Plan
Show all existing and proposed cathodic protection systems. Show all metal structures to
be protected by new Cathodic Protection Systems. Include the source, voltage, phase.
Show location of handholes. Diagrams
Detail the interconnection between panels and equipment and connection to supply. Label
and indicate size of equipment and conductors and show electrical ratings.
7.5.9 Fire Protection Drawings Water Distribution
Location and size of existing or new sprinkler system supply mains, new fire hydrants,
valves, sprinkler risers, etc. Fire Rated Walls, Doors And Exits
a. Show and identify fire rated walls, partitions, doors and windows.
b. Show all exits to building exterior and mark the route of travel and travel distance
from any point in a room or portion of the facility to the exits. Gaseous Type Extinguishing Systems
a. Location of the storage cylinders, control panel and source of AC power to the
control panel. (To be tapped off ahead of the main disconnect through a fused
b. Location of warning signs/devices, detectors, manual release stations and
locations of auxiliary functions.


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