Quantcast Fire Alarm Systems

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b. Location of the Master Box/Transmitter and annunciator panel/interface panel.
c. Locations of the fire protection system control panels and fire protection system
pressure switches.
d. Areas to be protected by the automatic detection systems, if required. The
locations of these devices are not to be shown on the drawings.
e. Location of the source of AC power to the control panel, (to be tapped off ahead
of the main disconnect through a fused disconnect.)
f. Do not show conduit runs, conduit sizes, wire sizes, or wire counts for the interior
systems and single line diagrams, unless specifically directed by the Area Focus
Team Fire Protection Engineer.
g. Show the location of the connection of the control panel to the Master Box or
Transmitter and annunciator panel or interface panel.
h. Show the location of the station fire alarm loop and a two (2) inch, (51 mm)
concrete encased conduit from the Master Box to that location.


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