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NAVFAC MIL -HDBK 1006/1 A, "Policy and Procedures for Project Drawing and
Specification Preparation," provides the requirements and basic instruction on the
preparation of project specifications. NAVFAC MIL -HDBK 1006/2, "Policy and
Procedures for Guide Specification Preparation," gives guidance to specification writers
for the preparation of specifications in the NAVFAC Facilities Guide Specifications
(NFGS) format. NFGS are provided on a CD-ROM, available from the National Institute Of
Building Science (NIBS) free of charge for A-E's under contract with NAVFAC.
a. Standard Navy NFGS Specifications NFGS-00000 (used on most projects).
b. Short Form Navy Guide Specifications NFGS-SF-0000 (to be used only with
permission from Code 4CN.CD.
c. Regional Specifications NFGS -R-0000 that are used on all projects
administered by Southwest Division. Consult with Code 04CN.CD for their use and
for any updates.
Unless otherwise approved by the Command, prepare all project specifications using
Naval Facilities Guide Specifications (NFGS ) in the SPECSINTACT/SGML format. This is
available in quarterly issues on the Construction Criteria Base (CCB) CD-ROM available
from the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS). If a NFGS does not exist for a
product or system required to accomplish the design, a section shall be developed in the
Navy SPECSINTACT format from other sources, such as Corps of Engineers, AIA
Masterspec, CSI Spectext or, A-E's existing sources. Number all sections developed by
the A-E in conformance with the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Masterformat,
current (1995) edition. Section numbers of A-E developed specifications shall not conflict
with the NFGS system.
8.2.1 Outline Specifications
As a minimum include the following:
a. Include each anticipated NFGS Section along with other sections that may be
required for the specific project. Provide a brief statement regarding the portion of
the work included in each section.
b. Include all products and systems anticipated to accomplish the project.
c. Include any special conditions of service and unique site conditions.


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