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8.2.2 Guide Specification Selection
Select specification sections from the "NAVY" menu except for those written specifically for
SOUTHWESTNAVFACENGCOM and identified on the menu as "SWDIV." The A-E shall
contact Code 4CN.CD for any changes or updates of these sections or any additions to
them. Unless specifically directed, the only Division 00 sections requiring editing by the A-
E is Section 00102, List of Drawings. The A-E is required to complete a Project
Information Form (provided by the Area Focus Team member (PL) managing the project).
8.2.3 Guide Specification Issue Dates
The date of issue, or version, of NFGS to be used for each project shall be based on the
version that is current at the time of return of the 45% design review comments to the A-E.
If there is no formal 45% review, the date shall be determined by the date of award of the
100% design.
8.2.4 Specification Number
A specification number is created from the last two digits in the regional area number, the
fiscal year of the project and the last four digits of the construction contract number. For
example, if the contract number for a Southwest Division project is N68711-97-C-1234,
the specification number would be 11971234.
The use of proprietary specifications, "or equal" specifications, extended warranty
requirements, and other restrictive requirements are permitted only with written permission
from the Command. The A-E shall justify them on the firm's letterhead and shall submit the
justification request at least 30 days prior to the 100 percent submission, but preferably
with the 45 percent submission. The early submissions of these items are necessary as
approvals are normally time consuming and may jeopardize the project schedule. See
Exhibit 8-A for an example of the required documentation for approval request.
8.3.1 Proprietary Products
If a situation arises in which only one product or system will perform the required function,
and the use of proprietary specifying is granted by the Command, then the item shall be
specified by the manufacturer's name and model or catalog number followed by the phrase
"Notwithstanding Any Other Provision Of This Contract, No Other Product Will Be


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