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Government procurement policies require that a construction award be made within
available project funds. The following paragraphs describe procedures that supplement
the information found in the NFGS regarding the bidding process.
8.7.1 Project Information Form
The information in this form is used by the Command's contract branch to complete the
contractual requirements, Division 00. This form is available from each AFT or Code
4CN.CD. The form is to be included with the 100 percent submittal and an updated copy, if
required, at the final submittal. This form may be updated as required by changes in the
Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) or in the contractual sections in Division 00. (See
Exhibit 8-B.)
8.7.2 Base Bid
The base bid shall by itself provide a complete and usable project.
8.7.3 Additive Bid Items
Additive Bid Items may be required to help assure that a construction award can be made
within available project funds. Select work increments for additive bid items that can be
separated from the project without rendering the facility unusable. There shall be no more
than four additive bid items unless otherwise authorized by the Command. Arrange
additive bid items so that the most essential portion of the work is added first. Succeeding
items will be cumulative for purposes determining if the project is within the available funds;
however, to provide latitude in selection, each additive bid item shall be independent of the
others. Command policy is that the total of the additive bid items shall not be more than 25
percent of the base bid. The requirements for additive bid items are included in the Project
Information Form.
8.7.4 Unit Price Bid Items
Unit price bid items are used for types of projects where the exact quantities of selected
portions of the work cannot be determined prior to performance. State the quantity to be
used for evaluating each item. The unit price is contractually enforceable only where the
specified quantity of work is within plus or minus 15 percent of the actual quantity. The
submission for unit prices is included in the Project Information Form.


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