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d. Existing " Part Two" of the Six Part RFP developed for family housing.
8.15.2 Proprietary Specifications
Proprietary specifications shall be provided by the Contractors A-E as a part of the 10
percent design package and shall provide information on the specific products and
systems to be used for the project which are based on products and systems provided in
the proposal evaluated and approved by the Government as the basis of award. Changes
to products and systems after award can be made only upon approval by the Contracting
Proprietary specifications shall be written in CSI 16 Section Format based on CSI
Masterformat 1995 Edition with sections written in three (3) part format. These
specifications shall be produced using one of the following commercial master systems.
a. AIA MASTERSPEC distributed by Acrom, (800) 424-5080.
b. SPECTEXT distributed by The Construction Sciences Research Foundation,
Inc. (410) 893-6892.
c. SpecLink distributed by Building Systems Design, Inc. (888) 273-7638.
d. Other similar systems based on CSI 16 Section Format.
8.15.3 Division 1, General Requirements
General Requirements shall be provided in NAVFAC Format and shall include all sections
pertinent to the contract. Verify exact requirements with PL. Some activities have sections
written for their use only.
8.15.4 Submittals
Submittals shall be as indicated for Design-Bid-Build projects unless otherwise stated in
the RFP.


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